Will Ola become a one-stop option for all mobility services?


Ola, a ride-sharing company appointed Arun Sirdeshmukh as its CEO. Ola revolutionised the travelling concept. Ola announced a new vehicle platform for purchasing new and pre-owned vehicles. Pre-owned vehicles from various brands are available when you open the Ola app.

Ola is an Indian ride-sharing company based in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Apart from ride sharing, it is also serving food delivery. It was founded in 2010 by Bhavish  Agarwal.

Ola offers its services right from economic to luxury. ‘Ola Auto’ started in Bengaluru and expanded to major cities like Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and Hyderabad. They extended the international operations to Australia, New Zealand and the UK too.

Ola claimed that they provide a safe and secure ride with cab entertainment and cashless ride. Reasonable price range made a competitive advantage over others.

Ola is looking into the booming electrical vehicle sector. Started the sale of the electric scooter as S1 crossed 1100 crores in the first two days. Two scooters Ola -S1 and Ola Pro was launched and the purchase window will be opened by November 2021. The scooter proved best in range, speed and performance. It is manufactured in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu and the company announced an investment of 2,400 crores for this facility.

As a part of women empowerment, it will be completely run by women at the same time can employ 10,000 at a time.

In due time Ola will start manufacturing electric cars and arrange financing options for making the purchase easier. Apart from these services like insurance, registration, maintenance, accessories and resale facilities are also offering by them. This will be a completely new experience for the people waiting. Ola will serve from services to marketing to manufacturing to selling.

Ola is applying horizontal and circular integration in its mobility platform unlike the traditional forward and backward integration with the platform of the pre-owned car. More vehicles of every brand will be available on the platform. Thus Ola will become a one-stop option for all mobility services.

The slowly growing automobile sector will get triggered by electrification, connected technologies, new models and will transform the sector for sure. The various stakeholders say that this will revolutionise the sector for sure.

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