Womenconnect Challenge India by Reliance Foundation announces Grantees


Through the WomenConnect Challenge India, ten organizations across India have been chosen as grantees, dispatched by Reliance Foundation and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

Through this drive, over Rs, 11 crores (more than USD 1.5 million) has been contributed to assist with shutting the sexual orientation advanced gap and of this, Reliance Foundation has upheld Rs 8.5 crore (more than USD 1.1 million) in awards for projects for making imaginative answers for address the issue. More than 3 lakh (300,000) ladies and young ladies across 17 states will profit from drives to close the gender digital gap and increment ladies’ financial strengthening through technology. 

It has been our main goal to empower and enable ladies of varying social statuses. At the point when we dispatched Jio, we imagined a computerized insurgency that will be equivalent to chance unrest. Through Jio, we have been giving reasonable availability across the length and expansiveness of our country. Dependence Foundation has additionally been working in association with USAID towards crossing over the gender digital divide in India. Technology is an amazing way to address and take out inequality. 

The ten grantees are Anudip Foundation, Center for Youth and Social Development, Friends of Women’s World Banking, Barefoot College International, Professional Assistance for Development Action, Naandi Foundation, Society for Development Alternatives, TNS India Foundation, Solidaridad Regional Expertise Center, and ZMQ Development. The arrangements address lady farmers, entrepreneurs, individuals from Self-Help Groups to address social and social boundaries to connect the gender digital separation. 

The WomenConnect Challenge India was dispatched in August 2020. From a pool of more than 180 applications, 10 associations were chosen with awards between INR 75 lakhs to 1 crore each ($100,000 – $135,000), for over a time of 12 to 15 months.

Mobile internet awareness has been expanding every year among ladies. While in 2017 just 19% of ladies in India knew about mobile internet; in 2020 this expanded to 53%. As far as a proprietorship, 67% of ladies own a cell phone contrasted with 79% of men. As the years progressed, drives by Reliance Foundation have intended to connect the digital gap. Through Reliance Jio, over 1.3 billion Indians saw a pan- India digital revolution that changed many lives. Today, Jio is the biggest digital services organization in India, and the second biggest in the world, with 120 million ladies Jio clients, and the number is developing quickly to connect the digital divide. 

The WomenConnect Challenge is a worldwide call for answers for work on ladies’ interest in daily existence by genuinely changing the manners in which ladies access and use technology.

USAID has banded together with Reliance Foundation to help new methodologies that nearby the gender digital divide in India and new grantees will zero in on demonstrated techniques from past WomenConnect rounds to build women’s economic empowerment.

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