Xiaomi to make 99% of smartphones and 100% of Mi TV’s in India


Manu Kumar Jain Xiaomi India’s head on Thursday stated that Xiaomi will make 100% of its smart TV’S in India with effect from January 2020 and 99% of smartphones will be locally assembled in India as a result of the supply chain disruptions caused due to the pandemic. The manufacturer is sourcing PCBA’S which make up 50% of the phone including sub-boards, camera modules, back panels, batteries, and other parts now being locally sourced.

Xiaomi India claims that no other manufacturer has achieved localization to the extent that they have done.


Xiaomi in partnership with Foxconn and Flex has been making smartphones in India for the past 5 years. DBG and BYD are the new partners that have joined hands with Xiaomi in the past 9 months. Xiaomi and DBG have set up a manufacturing facility in Haryana which increased the capacity of the company by around 20%. The manufacturing plant in Tamil Nadu set to begin operations by H1 of 2021 by BYD is also expected to contribute significantly to the production.


Dixon technology is the partner with whom Xiaomi has been manufacturing TVs in India for the past two years. Radiant technology who is experienced in the domestic manufacture of smart TV’s has set up a new plant in Telangana in association with Xiaomi.

Xiaomi India added that India still far from being an export hub to other countries and the current focus is on catering to the domestic demand.

Employment generation

The company has grown from a team of four in 2014 to a team of 60000 members spread across offices, manufacturing plants, service centers, and Mi stores. In the year 2020, the company employed around 10000 individuals.

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