Yes Bank collaborate with Salesforce to accelerate retail growth


YES BANK has announced that they have entered into a partnership with Salesforce, a leader in customer relationship management, to develop a next-generation technology platform to power the retail loan business, in line with the bank’s plan to further scale up its retail’s assets portfolio. The bank focus to provide intelligent personalized customer experiences through the salesforce platform.  

According to the bank leveraging on the strengths of YES BANK’s technology capabilities and salesforce’s platform, this partnership aims to attract customers with a unified experience and drive aggressive retail that has guided the growth for the bank and it is one of the first banks in India to move to salesforce for loan origination and processing stated by the bank.

Yes Bank also added that deployment of the salesforce loan origination system for retail banking will allow it to provide customized solutions and connected banking experiences for consumers across different segments. It will strengthen the bank’s capacity to process higher volumes of loan applications through enhanced automation and progressive application programming interface integrations while also eliminating manual processes in the loan cycle, thereby reducing the turnaround time for better customer satisfaction. The leveraging the digital capabilities, the bank will be able to launch a new range of innovative products and services to assist the evolving needs of customers more speedily.

According to Prashant Kumar, Managing Director and CEO, YES BANK, the bank is looking forward to furthering innovations through the Salesforce ecosystem that will benefit our customers, thereby accelerating the bank’s growth journey towards doubling retail and small and medium-sized enterprises business by Dec 2023.

The new platform of the bank will enhance combined innovation within the bank, providing its employees from relationship managers to loan disbursement officers and risk managers, with a joined view of their customer’s portfolio and improved agility in offering tailored digital solutions.


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