Government to merge all film media units under NFDC


The consolidation of the four movie media units under the ministry of information and broadcasting has been approved by the government. They have consolidated all the four media units under one management named as National Film Development Corporation. It consists of the Directorate of Film Festivals, Films Division, Children’s Film Society, National Film Archives of India. This consolidation will guarantee the advancement, creation, and conservation of filmy content under one administration.

The Information and broadcasting ministry said that the vision of the new management will be to guarantee adjusted advancement of Indian film across genres, including feature films, documentaries, children’s content, animation, content for the OTT platforms, and short films.

The consolidation of four film media units under one partnership will prompt intermingling of exercises and assets and build better coordination.

Kaushik Moitra who is a partner at the law office of Bharucha and Partners said that while one should keep a watch on how this consolidation works out, various divisions being clubbed into a solitary body may prompt over-centralization.

He added that each one of these bodies has worked durably in their individual domains. Single management of various units will require an all-round organized arrangement of governing rules in a regulatory structure.

MIB said that while undertaking this activity of union, the interests of the representatives of all the concerned media units will be completely dealt with and no worker will be retrenched.

The cabinet which affirmed the consolidation, likewise endorsed the arrangement of an exchange counsel and lawful counselor to inform on the exchange of concerning resources and representatives and to regulate all operational parts of the consolidation.

The consolidation will likewise prompt cooperative energy among the different exercises with better and productive usage of existing framework and labor, which will at last prompt a decrease in duplication of exercises and result in direct savings.

The board of trustees, headed by Bimal Julka, had presented its suggestion with explicit guides for the film units, incorporating an umbrella setup with four media units.

Among the film media units, the Films Division was the most seasoned subordinate office under MIB. It was set up in 1948. It essentially created narratives and news magazines for publicizing government programs.

NFDC is a  central public sector undertaking which was started in the year 1975 with the essential objective of arranging and advancing a coordinated, productive, and incorporated advancement of the Indian Film Industry.


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