YouGov Women in Sport Report 2021

Women in Sports

       The reason why most people around the world don’t engage in women’s sport can be related to its lower overall profile. Through a survey, it was found that overall profile mattered more, rather than the game or sport itself or how it is played in comparison with men’s versions.

       Women in Sport Report 2021 explore how women’s sport is perceived around the world, for this YouGov collected data from 13 global markets. A multitude of Global consumers who are around 40% says that a lack of media coverage is the reason why they don’t get to watch or follow more women’s sport, other factors creating barriers to engagement include lack of knowledge about the women’s teams, players, athletes (35%), next is the lack of marketing which constitutes about 30%, and limited accessibility of women’s sport on TV which stands at around 27%.

       The next survey report indulged in asking the respondents for their motivation to watch women’s sport, two in five respondents who constitute about 42%, think that watching and supporting major sporting events is the biggest reason for them to get interested in women’s sport. Around a third of people (35%), think playing sports as a child is likely to have spurred interest and, having a child who plays sports is also seen as a reason to engage that constitutes at around 30%.

       The survey report according to the sports in a particular category played by women globally, football has the highest following of any women’s sport which is 26%. It is followed by tennis, basketball, volleyball, etc. But in India, it is quite obvious that cricket is the most followed sport, both in men’s and women’s category. Women’s cricket is popular with 58% following this sport in India.

       YouGov’s report reveals that three in five urban Indians (59%) feel that they would have watched more women’s sport if it were shown more often on TV. Agreeing with this statement are countries like Mexico (52%), UAE (49%), Spain (43%), and so on.

       Speaking of the future of women’s sport, a vast majority of urban Indian respondents who constitute around 84% say that in the last five years there has been an improvement in the quality of women’s sport, and they think that this is going to get better with time if there will be drastic progress in areas like live coverage of women’s sport, more news on women’s sporting events, more sponsorship and if even more parents show interest and support in sending their daughters to different kinds of sports.

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