17% of Indians trust tech companies with their data


Nowadays, it is a common thing to share our personal information like name, address, location, usage data, and even our sensitive information like bank account details, credit cards, etc. with tech companies, sites, services/products, and a wide range of industries for a better experience.

The Tech sector is one of the major industries that use such information for the purpose of usage analysis, to understand individual preferences, purchase patterns, political views, etc. and have been criticized for leaking and even selling this sensitive information to other firms which these firms use for the purpose of marketing, promotions, etc. Recently millions of LinkedIn profiles were up for sale in some deep web pirated sites along with some social media applications such as Telegram. And not just recently, such activities have been notorious for years.

       But an average man is usually unaware of such events unless and until it affects him directly or indirectly when he is subject to different frauds. That is why people have been skeptical and concerned over the course of time about using the tech sector and their online services. Keen in data protection MoneyTransfers.com analyzed the latest data provided by YouGov, for the purpose of establishing which countries in the world least and most trust tech companies with their personal data. It found that India holds the number one spot as 17% of Indians trust tech firms with their personal data.

       The second position is held by Indonesia with 15% of Indonesians being confident in tech companies handling their personal data. UAE, Germany, and Mexico are in joint third place with 12% of citizens in their respective countries trust tech firms with their personal data. Others on the list are China with 11% and Poland with 11%, jointly ranking in the fourth position.

       France has the least trust votes for the tech companies, with just 4% of its French citizens showing any trust whatsoever. They are the most skeptical about how these firms manage their personal information.

       YouGov surveyed around 2,251 individuals in the age category of 18 and above, which had 17 countries.  The survey question was “Do you trust tech companies with your personal data.”

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