YouTube releases new annual plans for Premium and Music Premium


Google has launched annual plans for YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium in India, allowing users to pay for a 12-month non-recurring subscription upfront.  

The company has also introduced subscription plans in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Germany, Thailand, and Japan.  

This comes after YouTube began offering monthly and quarterly paid subscription models some years ago. YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium, ad-free subscription models, were launched in India in March 2019. Google is presently offering discounted subscription rates till January 23 as an introductory deal.   

A yearly subscription to YouTube Premium costs ₹1,159, while YouTube Music Premium costs ₹889. Initially, the YouTube Music Premium was priced at ₹309 for 3 months and ₹109 per month.  

Once the offer ends, the amount that the users will have to pay is yet to be revealed by the company.  

By canceling their current membership and signing up as a new member, users will be able to upgrade to an annual Premium plan. Additionally, whenever the prepaid plan ends, prepaid subscribers will be automatically switched to annual plans.  

There are currently no plans for partial refunds, so users have to wait until their current plan expires before upgrading to an annual membership. It should be noted that the new plans are being offered on a prepaid basis and are non-recurring. Once the initial annual plan expires, the consumer will have to manually buy the subscription.  

Users can sign up for YouTube Premium yearly plans for Android and the web. However, for iOS devices, the company has yet to offer an in-app sign-up option. In that case, iPhone and iPad owners who wish to purchase an annual membership have to do so using a computer or a mobile Web browser.  

The Premium plan was formerly priced at ₹129 per month by Google. The Family Plan, which allows five family members to share an account, costs ₹189 a month.  

Monthly subscriptions for students start at ₹79 a month, however, they must go through verification once a year.  

Monthly subscriptions to YouTube Music Premium start at ₹99 per month, with family plans starting at ₹149 per month. Monthly memberships for students are available for ₹59 per month. 

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