Zed Black Celebrates Doctors Day, Launches special Agarbattis


To celebrate and give a salute to the tirelessly working Health Care Personnel, who have extended their caring hands and worked day and night saving millions of people during the Covid-19 Crisis, the Agarbatti Brand Zed Black extended their flagship campaign.

The campaign, ‘Prarthna Hogi Sweekar’ celebrated and admired the work by launching its best-seller Zed Black 3 in 1 Agarbatti. The packaging is done by providing a dedicated space on the front, saluting the undying spirits, our frontline warriors, this Doctors Day.

Zed Black is one of the leading brands in Agarbaties, sells over 15 lac retail packs in a wide range of fragrances all over the country every day. The new launch saluting the indomitable spirit of our doctor fraternity is made available on Doctors Day, in every retail store and e-commerce platform immediately.

The brand made the changes in the large pack of Zed Black 3 in 1 Agarbatti. And the pack is made available to the market for only Rs.60. one of the top-selling SKUs for the brand and the initiative took by the MDPH group to salute and appreciate the efforts and services granted by our unsung heroes who are saving millions of lives during the pandemic.

As per the report of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), India has already lost around 1500 doctors to Covid-19 in the year 2020. July 1, Doctors Day, the brand took the initiative to salute the efforts put out by our doctors and the whole health care personnel by launching their top-selling agarbatti in a new package, addressing our unsung heroes. When Covid hit our country, all we needed was to stay home, but the responsibility fell on the front-line workers. For the past year, our doctors have been tirelessly working day and night wholeheartedly to save us, our nation.

Ankit Agarwal, Director, Mysore deep perfumery House, and Zed Black said, ‘we strongly believe these words “Thank You Frontline workers” to connect them by addressing the effort and to give a sense of much-needed gratitude and unconditional respect for their selflessness and the tireless work done every day that make us lead a life with fewer worries on our health and life. As a national Agrbatti Brand, we must honor relentless work in the pandemic period.

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