Zostel launches its #Buildthebubble campaign to control PSAs


As our country struggles with the dreadful second wave of the Covid -19 pandemic, the rural country sides of India are currently undergoing fast vaccination drives for the age group of above 18 years.

It is again a challenging time for various industries among which the hospitality and travel industry suffers. Many industries were slowly recovering as they were coming back to normalcy and had started recovering their businesses after a long period of lockdown when they were again forced to shut down as there was a widespread of Covid. The only industries that were permitted to travel since the last two months were the digital nomads or the people who had chosen for long stays away from the city life to escape from the hassles of Covid lockdowns.

During these difficult times, Zostel an experience-driven, community-led ecosystem has recently launched a campaign titled #BuildTheBubble which aim to help people by fulfilling their necessary needs such as safe and sanitized accommodation. They offer this for quarantine and isolation purposes as well, even for a longer period.

This is a 4-day long campaign in which many of the Zostel properties are converted into Covid care centres, PSAs that is Public Service Announcement for vaccination drives, and to spread guidelines, announcements to be followed by the people to limit the spread of the virus and for staying healthy.

On the first day, they helped the governments of Mumbai, Delhi and Jaipur for tackling the spread of the virus. On the second day of the campaign, the Zostel’s communication team will be putting out posters that give awareness about vaccination drives and urge people to register on the Cowin website. On the third day, they will release posters with guidelines and safety measures to reduce virus spread.

These posters will also be available for the public to download so that they could use them in all necessary areas. The last part is the ZO Bubble or the Zostel Bubble, the free accommodation and food services provided for travelling nomads. All Zostel properties will be following all the safety protocols for Covid 19 they ensure that all travellers have a negative RT-PCR report which is not less than 72 hrs.

Mr Dharamveer Singh Chauhan the CEO of Zostel said that “these are a challenging time for all of us but there are people who are really in need of help and support. This is certainly the right time for all of us to lend a helping hand to others so that all of us can stay safe. We stand along with our country in this fight against Covid and hope that we all overcomes this situation safely”. Zostel currently operates in its 30+ properties, soon we will be opening more with all necessary precautions.

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