ABP News brings forth the idea of dual India in its ad campaign


In some of India’s key states, elections are closing in, and this is the time when ads and campaigns grab the people’s attention.

In the latest ad released by ABP news as part of their ad campaign, viewers are encouraged to look upon relevant issues concerning their real life, rather than keeping their focus on key personalities or speculations about the outcome of elections.

The advertising campaign was featured for “Kaun Banega Mukhyamantri” (Who will become Chief Minister this time?), which is ABP News’ special programme for the upcoming elections. It focuses on the issues in society, their positive and negative factors, seeking attention from prospective candidates cutting across party lines.

The first film features the disparities in opportunities for two businesses, where the first has a lack of opportunities and the second has a plethora of opportunities. The second film explores the contrast between the “haves and the have-nots” in case of educational opportunities in the case of two young girls.

The third film falls in line with the theme of the campaign, “Different sentiments but one question: who will become the CM” featuring the story of two women worshipping with different sentiments. Thus, the campaign brings forth different issues from distinct demographic backgrounds, and urges the people to think on behalf of themselves.

The campaign snatches people’s attention in its unique and creative way of rendering. It shows the contrast between two situations, but raises the issue that is common for both the situations. Each film lasts 45 seconds, which is short and effective to gather attention from the public despite their busy schedule.

The promoters of the campaign also shared their idea of bringing the truth of “dual India” into picture, and enabling the citizens to celebrate this. Using people truths rather than political party truths, the ad builds neutrality codes into brand ABP, as commented by Krishnendu Paul, 82.5 Communications India.

The campaign was conceived by 82.5 Communications, and has three films directed by Pradeep Sarkar, one of the directors of Apocalypso Filmworks Pvt Ltd.

Campaign Credits:

82.5 Communications India:

Chairman and CCO: Sumanto Chattopadhyay

Co-Chairman & Chief Executive Officer: Kapil Arora

Chief Strategy Officer: Anirban Mozumdar

Head of Office, Mumbai: Krishnendu Paul

Executive Creative Director: Mayur Varma

Executive Creative Director: Neelesh Jain

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