Amnet, NYIAX & Brave’s Partnership For Bridgestone


Amnet has announced an innovative partnership with NYIAX and Brave. Amnet is Dentsu India’s programmatic buying unit. 

NYIAX is a contract management exchange that streamlines the ad buying process from discovery to execution and compliance. NYIAX is powered by the Nasdaq financial framework.

Brave is a browser that leading brands and publishers use to reach audiences. It provides privacy-oriented services. Brave is popular among users who opt for privacy-respecting ad experiences.

Wish the Athlete campaign for Bridgestone, crafted by Amnet in association with NYIAX and Brave. The campaign was held for ten days.

Wish the Athlete campaign was executed to help increase the brand engagement with audiences in India. India is the biggest market for the brand. 

The campaign focused on helping the brand rapidly identify and engage with people who are interested and open to receiving advertisements from companies in their category.

Amnet, NYIAX and Brave believed in this mode of advertising which was just a mere narrative before. This will become the norm by 2023 when Google discontinues support of third-party cookies. 

The campaign will prove a stepping stone for advertisers to opt for privacy-forward advertising. Privacy-forward advertising is effective and respectful of users.

After activating the campaign, NYIAX and Brave returned to team Amnet with valuable insights, allowing them to make on-the-fly adjustments based on active actions at any given time. 

It helped them test different creative communications to understand the best performing communication in terms of engagement (10-sec visits) on Bridgestone’s website.

NYIAX’s proprietary matching technology helped Amnet to quickly discover brand-suitable inventory that belonged to Brave. 

NYIAX identified client-specific Cost per Click (CPC) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The campaign structure was designed to ensure that the inventory was aligned with both the parameters throughout the campaign while maximizing outreach among automobile enthusiasts.

In the first attempt, the outcomes outperformed all expectations and brought in a Clickthrough rate of 14.23% and a 10-sec visit of 30%.

Bridgestone’s dedication to serving society with superior quality and its commitment to responsible advertising is what led the partnership with NYIAX and Brave. A smart choice that has already paid off. NYIAX and Brave value consumers. 

The partnership made identifying and connecting with those most likely to benefit from a relationship with Bridgestone easy and efficient. For Bridgestone the campaign and the outcomes were overwhelming.

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