Apple new iOS 14 Software Update has turned into full-fledged war between Facebook and Apple


The new iOS 14 software update has turned the battle between Apple and Facebook into a full-fledged war. Facebook is so furious with Apple that it publishes full-page advertisements in newspapers alleging that Apple is against the free internet principle. Apple is changing its privacy policy to make it more clear with the iOS 14 update. Developers are worried about one of the greatest privacy improvements.

Apple explains you must ask for permission before an app can monitor you. It goes without saying that very few users would actually allow apps to monitor them online and their personal data.

The latest iOS 14 update makes it difficult to produce targeted advertising, which in turn makes it difficult to make money for sites such as Facebook. After the new update, there are valid explanations for why Facebook and those who advertise on Facebook are anxious.

In its Apple attack advertising, Facebook uses small businesses as a pawn to get this message on through users in ads, Facebook says, Apple plans to roll out a forced software update that will change the internet and Take your favorite pages or sports blogs, most are free because they show advertising.

The move by Apple would restrict their ability to run targeted advertisements. To make ends meet, many will have to start charging you subscription fees or adding more in-app purchases, making the internet even more costly and reducing free content of high quality, it added. The step by Apple isn’t about secrecy, it’s about profit. Paying for content may be fine for others, but most individuals do not have space in their budget for these payments, particularly during these difficult times.

We disagree with the method and solution of Apple, but we have no choice but to demonstrate the promptness of Apple. They will ban Facebook from the App Store if we don’t, which will only further hurt the individuals and companies who rely on our services. On behalf of the millions of companies that use our platform to expand, we cannot take this chance.

In the article, Apple claimed in its response to Facebook, we believe this is a simple matter of standing up for our users. Users should be aware of the collection and distribution of their information through other applications and websites, and they should have the option to allow it or not. Transparency app monitoring in iOS 14 does not require Facebook to adjust its approach to user tracking and targeted ads, it simply allows users to choose.


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