Automatic Placement Technology in Social Media


Automatic placements allow the delivery system to place ads across all possible places for the settings on Facebook and Audience Network.

Are you running Facebook advertisements and want to get the most bang buck?

Automatic Placements guarantees ads across all of Facebook’s networks. Based on the bidding objective selected, Audience Networks achieve the most desired result ideal for advertisers who want to conduct cross-device campaigns and look at the customer journey flow to see how can get the greatest results, whether it’s driving leads, purchases, or anything.

Here’s Facebook’s definition straight from the source: “Your advertising is shown to your audience in the places where they are most likely to perform well.” Facebook and Audience Network used for this feature.”

And now the fun part is What does it look like in the engine’s “Ad Set” level? It appears to be a no-brainer, right? Why wouldn’t use this feature based on what it claims to be capable off? Avoid opting in to automatic placements at first. Why? Because I’m scarred by the dreaded audience network.

When first signed up for automatic client placements, those tests were immediately killed. Automatic Placements did not always result in success in terms of numbers, and for lead generation clients, it frequently resulted in poor lead quality.

However, Facebook has made a concerted effort to address the problem, and some progress has been made. So, if someone with a larger budget than the ad auction, optimizing for automatic placements will give a huge advantage.

A better probability of winning the goal is an important aspect of creating automatic placement campaigns. If a bid on Page Post Engagements or Traffic will be driving people who are most likely to like or click on that ad, if purchases or leads, don’t put those goals in retargeting cookie pools.

Bid on Conversions and Optimize for View Content to drive traffic since the “view content” standard event fires, it signifies they read the page after a reasonable delay rather than immediately bouncing reduces the number of misclicks and low-quality traffic is generating a specific type of purchase, lead, or more response depending on the goods and to set up particular conversion events.

And if aiming to raise average order value by pushing a product, clear inventory, or producing a specific lead typesetting up a single purchase for a specific product and optimizing for conversions off that way to go.

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