Baggit India has launched a new #ForeverResilient brand campaign.


Baggit has launched a new brand campaign called #ForeverResilient, which honors everyday women who go above and beyond. Most fashion brands focus on the normal category codes such as style and trends, therefore this was an anti-category strategy.

Baggit’s latest campaign, on the other hand, is nothing like that! It’s not about models promoting things in contemporary, attractive clothing. Baggit has shared a real emotional connection with its audience for the past 30 years, and this campaign strives to reinforce that connection. “A lot of firms have been eulogizing women and talking about women power, gender equality, or women achieving better things like becoming successful entrepreneurs or conquering Everest,” Mahuya Chaturvedi, Baggit India’s SBU Head, said.

Baggit, on the other hand, has focused on an innate trait that is present in practically every woman’s personality, regardless of her upbringing or job. It is her unwavering Resilience that enables her to achieve extraordinary results in everyday life. We’ve explored real-life examples of strong women. We’re simply acting as their spokesman to ensure that these compelling stories reach the widest possible audience. People want to absorb authentic material in today’s society when everything is governed by digital and social media,” Chaturvedi noted.

The campaign now features two real-life stories: a doctor’s COVID journey and a banker who has gone above and beyond to assist others. The campaign, which aims to encourage more women to tell their stories, has received a tremendous amount of support. “Resilience as a concept has a fantastic product and brand relationship as well,” Nina Lekhi, Founder & MD, Baggit India, stated.

We took a look back at what Baggit had accomplished for its customers over the previous 30 years. We realized that customers had a high level of faith in the brand and its products. They’d been carrying the bags for at least 5-7 years. “Our bags have withstood the test of time and use, and have proven to be durable enough to endure that long ” We’ve always aimed to provide high-quality, durable goods for powerful women. Baggit has also proven to be a robust brand, adhering to its Made in India objective despite stiff competition from Chinese competitors. ‘Resilience’ has a smooth product-brand-consumer connection, according to our findings. “It was the ideal common thread,” Lekhi explained.

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