Campaigns We Like: #BecomeWhoYouWereBornToBe by Fittr


It has been announced that the new marketing push for the online platform for fitness and nutrition known as Fittr has officially begun. Become Who You Were Born To Be is the title of a video featuring Tinkesh Kaushik, the person who won the specially-abled category of Fittr’s Transformation Challenge 15 and featured in the video.

The transformation that Tinkesh has gone through is nothing short of a miracle in and of itself. He has overcome all odds to fulfill his goal of being healthy, and he has been an inspiration to the 4.5 million individuals who are a part of the Fittr community. Even though he is a triple amputee, he has beaten all odds to accomplish his goal of being healthy.

This new video is aligned with the brand’s most recent television advertisement, which debuted in May and is titled “Fitness Made Forever.” The commercial was released in the United States. It aims to generate awareness that anybody can start their fitness journey fast within a day with FITTR delivering tailor-made workout experiences for everyone. This will be done by raising awareness that anyone can create their fitness journey quickly within a day. The dissemination of this knowledge will be the means through which this goal will be fulfilled.

Thousands of people in India have given their fitness goals because they believe it will be difficult for them to achieve their goals, given their disability. The movie showcases Tinkesh Kaushik’s purpose is to encourage these individuals by showing them that it is possible to achieve their dreams despite their disability. Even though nobody in this world is perfect, that does not mean that one shouldn’t attempt to be perfect; Keep trying, keep moving forward, because the effort you make today will encourage someone tomorrow. The message in the movie is that even though nobody is perfect in this world, that does not mean that one shouldn’t attempt to be perfect.

The campaign is now active on over two hundred and fifty personal video recorder (PVR) screens in India, in addition to Fittr’s digital platform, including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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