Bhogi Car Melam: Cars24 celebrates Pongal festival


 Cars24, an online used car vendor has revealed a digital film on its online media platforms, to praise the primary day of the Pongal celebration, Bhogi. Per the brand story, the celebration unites individuals with their families as they dispose of undesirable family unit articles and merchandise to make ready for a more promising time to come.

The mission takes watchers on a ride of commending feelings and fellowship. Cars24 has delivered it with a plan to pass on the change and change acquired through the celebration. The film is being endorsed on Cars24’s online media platforms. The mission film shows individuals joyfully tapping their hands on the tune of a relatable jingle. The hands are seen drumming on various sorts of vehicles, building synonymity with the brand’s element of giving its clients the choice to sell the scope of vehicles at Cars24.

CARS24 is a tech-empowered trade-in vehicles disruptor Founded in 2015. It is India’s biggest stage for purchasing and selling utilized vehicles with a presence across more than 150 significant urban communities in India. In contrast to customary purchasing and selling strategies, for example, classifieds, our one of a kind plan of action offers you the most ideal cost in the quickest time with master help beginning to end. Since our initiation, we have progressed significantly – from one office to more than 166 branches across 150+ significant urban areas in India. CARS24 is characterized by its kin – the proprietors of the business! We are a group of incredibly determined, fit individuals taking care of a genuine purchaser issue.

South regional head of Cars24, S.R. Aanand, commented that Bhogi in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh is praised with incredible pride and excitement and they at Cars24 are pleased to be a piece of a similar festival through their advanced film. This film, because of Bhogi, impeccably fits the account of our image and is their method of requesting that their buyers participate in the festival. The result is there for the viewing pleasure of anyone passing by, tune in, and appreciate.

Head of the brand, Cars24, Nida Naushad stated that the film flawlessly creates the story by keeping the subject of Bhogi celebration urging individuals to supplant/overhaul their old vehicles. The narrating and the innovative treatment has been kept high on hear-able sensations to construct a happy satisfaction and feeling.

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