Integral Ad Science acquires Amino Payments


Integral Ad Science (IAS) has announced the acquisition of Amino Payments, a developer of programmatic advertising transparency. This acquisition further strengthens IAS’s commitment to providing the most robust range of programmatic transparency tools for advertisers, including its successful Total Visibility offering, which offers insight into the content of digital advertising and the associated supply path costs.

In April 2020, IAS and Amino Payments collaborated to launch Total Visibility. which gives marketers impression-level financial insights and media quality verification to maximize campaigns in real-time. Total Visibility helps marketers to assess media content, including viewability, deception, and brand protection, by delivering valuable information and control to maximize supply-side campaigns that provide cost-effective and high-quality media. Total Visibility is now an IAS brand, while the Amino Payments brand is going to be retired.

When more new media are programmed, the need for transparency will continue to be important for advertisers. The Amino Payments team is proud to join IAS, the world leader in authentication, in pursuing a shared goal to add unparalleled clarity to programmatic ads. Programmatic advertising continues to expand at an enormous rate and, with this acquisition they can offer complete transparency to the entire market. By accepting Amino Payments to IAS, they would unleash the full value of programmatic ads to advertisers who need their promotions to be highly successful and cost-effective.

Total Visibility can save advertisers up to 15% of their programmatic marketing expenditure by leveraging their advertisement expenditures for the most powerful placements through the most cost-effective supply route.

Integral Ad Science (IAS) is a world pioneer in digital advertising authentication, providing technology that powers high-quality advertising media and Amino Payments are based on the idea that as marketers invest in digital ads, they should be able to see how their media dollars are spent. So together they can explore more opportunities.

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