Cable And DTH Industry In 2020


Due to the pandemic situation of COVID-19 people began to stay inside their homes during 2020. The industries of cable and DTH provide their customer undisrupted and good service. Many of them take new connections to enjoy while staying home, while many of them were disconnected as they go back to their home town, they were feeling it was like a mixed bag for the industry.  

For MSO and all other sectors, 2020 has been a difficult year. It is the duty of Siti Network has to ensure that their customers stay outdoors, to break the chain of the virus. They have to maintain continuity of service while staying outdoor. Customers get the service for what they paid like broadband and online service. Customer contact has been changed from voice to nonvoice. Siti was ensured that their services always remained live with the attitude of ‘happy to help’ it was said by Anil Malhotra, CEO of Siti Network limited.  

Anil Malhotra says that “channels could not make new content in most of the country, especially during the lockdowns he said that the reentry of old and classic contents into the programming and to attain viewers, that most of the world of the top program widely could not achieve. It was the fact that the customers could stay inside without facing disruptions due to lockdown.  

In the sector of DTH, there has an active subscriber of around 70. 58 million. From April to June, customers were picking only selected channels providing good and fresh content available in paid channels. It affected the subscription revenue of the DTH platform.  

Even though people began using the digital platforms but now it was a fair part of a business which is carried out by physical retail outlet for selling new connections or recharging an existing one. During the lockdown, there was an issue for the door-to-door services as well as to find the digital outreaches. To solve these problems, we used remote and digital touchpoints; we should provide undisrupted services. The commercial businesses are linked with the recovery of the hotels, restaurants, and tourism industry. It will take some time.  


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