Can we trust Amazon?


Amazon is one of the biggest online platforms for numerous sellers and buyers. It is also considered the god of e-commerce. Amazon has the smallest of things to the largest of things. People can purchase anything they wish from anywhere at any time they prefer. This online purchase has really given hands to people for purchase especially in this pandemic. The festival purchases are made easily with several varieties via a small gadget.

Amazon attracts customers through various features like an easy return of purchase, refund policy, EMI system, exciting offers, low prices, overnight home delivery, quality-assured, cash backs, and an unbelievable wide variety of things. They know Indian customers mind and also bought the feature of cash on delivery. This really allows people to order the things when they wish and pay the amount on the date of delivery. This brings customer delight. So, what would go wrong?

Last month, the European Commission issued a charge sheet on Amazon stating that it uses its dominance to hurt small businesses. This raised the question of anti-trust. Specifically, it is also doubted whether Amazon uses huge amounts of data generated by transactions on its platform to kill competitors. There is also investigation going on whether Amazon’s algorithms do product placement unfairly by the European authorities. In other words, when you are searching for a piece of jewelry or a household appliance, it displays those vendors on top who have paid extra, giving them an unfair advantage. Anyhow, these charges have been denied by Amazon. It claims that it has helped small businesses to sell their product to a wide range of people and it has always been a part of small businesses development by providing the e-commerce platform.


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