CaratLane encourages everyone to celebrate their Unique ‘Bandhans’


On the occasion of Rakhi, CaratLane, India’s top Omni-channel jewelry company, has developed a campaign honoring the various unique relationships that siblings have. BBH India conceptualized and executed the campaign (part of Publicis Groupe India).

This commercial is based on the brand’s concept of identifying the little causes or events inside larger giving settings. CaratLane has learned from several customer anecdotes that rakhi means various things to different siblings for different reasons. They might be in different countries, sisters, or they could be celebrating Rakhi for the first time together. In such highly emotional situations, the brother or sister wants their sibling to feel on top of the world, making jewelry an even more important consideration when presenting.

CaratLane intends to highlight jewelry as a memorable present choice that not only can be worn every day and stays with a person for a long time but will also generate a long-lasting and special memory in the minds of the consumers, based on the numerous #MyCaratLane tales received over the years.

“It’s a universal reality that no two sibling ties are the same,” said Avnish Anand, COO, and co-founder of CaratLane, of the ad. Every relationship is unique and is woven together by many memories, which makes it so wonderful. We intended to convey the spirit of this distinctiveness via our campaign, which was inspired by our own and our customer’s experiences. We’ve observed how our clients want to give jewelry to make it extra unique, something they’ll remember for a lifetime, and something that symbolizes the relationship they have.”

“We wanted to go beyond the typical sense of protection that most Raksha Bandhan commercials talk about and highlight the numerous qualities that make sibling relationships so wonderful and unlike any other,” said Aarti Srinivasan, ECD, BBH India. There’s a particular CaratLane present to honor every special Bandhan, whether it’s Love-hate Bandhan, Midnight Maggi Bandhan, Nautanki Bandhan, or Secrets ki Rakha Bandhan. Using real siblings instead of actors (for some of the segments) adds a personal touch to the advertising.”

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