Emami’s spices to garner up profits in next 5 years


Emami Group’s food division recently expanded into the spice market. Will Emami Mantra’s’zip-lock’ masala sell? 

With its “Emami Healthy & Tasty Mantra Masala,” Emami Agrotech, the food division of the Emami Group, has entered the spices market. The corporation has been engaged in the business of selling edible oils for over ten years. Therefore, adding spices to the brand is a logical progression.

According to the firm, the application of cryogenic technology results in a rich and pure scent, colour, and taste. When opposed to standard grinding processes that use heat up to 70 degrees Celsius, cryo-processing at zero to minus 50 degrees Celsius helps the spices maintain a high level of natural oils up to 95%. 

A further benefit of Mantra’s spices is that they are packaged in zip-lock bags, which makes them simple to store and keeps them fresher for longer.

As the “land of spices,” India is among the top producers of cardamom, cloves, chillies, curry leaves, fenugreek and fennel seeds, turmeric, and black pepper. The nation is also the leading exporter of spices. MDH, Everest Food Products, Badshah Masala, Aachi Foods, and Eastern Condiments are some of the prominent companies in India. How can Mantra Spices find its way into Indian kitchens in a market controlled by a few important players?

According to Nyayapati, the brand’s continual focus will be on marketing, educating customers about the advantages of the product’s packaging, and procuring its raw ingredients. 

The fact that consumers tend to choose a brand that their family has used for a long time and are less willing to try new things in a category like spices must be noted. Will customers be willing to experiment with a different brand, and how will Mantra spices promote this change?

The commercial for Mantra Masala shows Katrina Kaif having fun with her friends, who tease her about her culinary abilities.

With Katrina Kaif’s help, Mantra hopes to appeal to a wide range of audience members. The brand connects better with young housewives, according to Nyayapati, even if the goal is to appeal to all age groups. 

With regard to the brand ambassador selection, Nyayapati explains, “We wanted it to be a little different in terms of communication and messaging. All age groups like Katrina’s company, and she has a terrific atmosphere and a contemporary aesthetic. Her rapport with the young person is strong. Her selection as the brand’s spokesperson for the spices collection was motivated by all of these factors.

Emami Agrotech’s ‘healthy and delectable’ product distribution network will be used and leaned on by the new spice brand. Mantra will employ the same sales and distribution network, according to the director. 

At the moment, Emami has almost 700 distributors who serve around two lac stores throughout markets. Additionally important partners for the brand will be contemporary trade and e-commerce.

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