Nationalism is a fad right now, and we all know that “India” is the new buzzword, but for us, it’s our business. Ajit Varghese, Chief Commercial Officer of Sharechat and Moj, made this point while addressing at the Pride of India – South conference organized by e4m on Friday in Bengaluru. We are the first Indian startup to create an AI-driven system based on Indian languages, he continued.

Varghese emphasized that throughout the first decade of the internet revolution, Indian cultural variety was lacking, and most materials were developed for the first 150-200 million users, who were largely English-speaking urbanites. 

The content arena has been made more democratic and the cultural variety of India has been highlighted through our applications Sharechat and Moj, he joked.

Varghese highlighted that the Sharechat ecosystem covers two-thirds of active internet users in South India while speaking at the Pride of India – South edition. Millennials and Gen Z account for 80% of Sharechat and Moj users. 

He also dispelled several misconceptions regarding the “Bharat” audience, which he refers to as the audience at tiers two and below. He stated, using data from previously published publications, that the Bharat audience is pushing demand across all premium categories, including smartphones, luxury automobiles, and real estate. According to him, this demographic is also more interested in news, food and beverages, health and fitness, and travel applications than the ‘Indian audience.

Following that, Varghese said that, while entertainment and fashion are the most popular, sectors such as finance, education, and DIY are seeing a significant increase. 

“With our brand hashtag challenges, there has been a 33% rise in brand recall and a 70% increase in brand awareness,” he noted. 

In his closing remarks, Varghese mentioned that companies are paying close attention to Sharechat’s live audio chat rooms, which may host thousands of listeners simultaneously.

In terms of the content-led commerce sector and utilizing India’s rich cultural variety and content expertise, we are preparing for a bright future. In order to allow smooth purchases while viewing content, we have collaborated with Flipkart for the next 18 months and will keep innovating in this area, the speaker said.

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