Parachute Advansed’s new campaign celebrates Tamil women


Marico Limited‘s hair-nourishment brand, Parachute Advansed, has launched a campaign named “‘En Mudi En Adaiyalam’ (My Hair, My Identity)” to celebrate Tamil  women. 

In order to take this integrated campaign a step further, Parachute Advansed has also erected murals depicting hair and its significance to identity in several significant sites around Tamil Nadu.

From the fashionable fashions of the Roaring 20s to the more contemporary colours of today, hair has been the primary means of self-expression for decades. It has traditionally been the primary mode that represents a woman’s disposition and sense of self across the many periods of her life. Through the manner they style their hair, modern women today choose to express their modernity and relationship with their traditions. It is a special representation of the contemporary Tamilian lady, who is profoundly autonomous and modern yet still conscious of her heritage and culture. This is something that the ladies of Tamil Nadu have recognised, and Parachute Advansed has expanded its essential “En Mudidhaan Naan” campaign in the region and developed this powerful campaign to honour this bond, according to the company.

The film, created by Team WPP, begins with a picture of a young woman sitting as her grandma massages her hair while simultaneously running her own cafe. The movie explores how contemporary Tamilian women, whether they be musicians, painters, architects, dancers, teachers, or athletes, express their true selves via their hair in a variety of professions. It demonstrates how a modern woman, who is both autonomous and deeply rooted in her Tamilian heritage, views this relationship as a strength rather than a problem. It continues by demonstrating how their hair represents them as “not just my hair; it’s me in all my forms.”

Creating a 360-degree strategy for the campaign, this powerful TVC and film have been released across platforms along with thumb-stoppers, cohort-wise digital ad targeting, and in-store promotions. Massive paintings by Parachute Advansed have been revealed across famous spots in Chennai and Madurai as a compliment to this and to represent the free spirit of Tamil ladies. The company will also release a whole new version of the Parachute.

Koshy George, CMO of Marico Limited, said on the campaign: “Over the years, Parachute Advansed has performed the important role of a companion in every woman’s path of self-expression. Millions of women in India rely on the brand for its sustenance, honesty, and support. They stay true to who they are as they navigate the contemporary world while maintaining a connection to their heritage, beginning with their hair. By producing powerful and relatable graphics that strongly resonate with people, we hope to honour all Tamilian women and their hair through this campaign and the murals painted around Tamil Nadu.

Women in Tamil Nadu take satisfaction in maintaining a strong connection to their traditions despite having changed with the times, according to Rohit Devgun, ECD, Team WPP. Their stunning hair serves as the greatest example of an exquisite equilibrium.

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