Cleartrip Tatkaal is the brand’s newest campaign.


Cleartrip, India’s fastest-growing online travel platform, has launched Cleartrip Tatkaal, which offers a flat 50% discount on all domestic flights and hotels on Cleartrip and Flipkart Travel every day from 12 noon onwards.

To build anticipation for the initiative’s launch, the company has developed a digital campaign comprising two humorous commercial films. The two ad videos, which are centered around the campaign’s primary narrative ‘Ab Issei Achhi Kya Good News,’ express the unrivaled excitement of receiving a flat 50% discount on a domestic flight and hotel bookings.

The two narratives involve persons in very different settings, yet they both end with the same euphoric display of excitement when the deep discounts triumph over any other good news, whether it’s a birth announcement or a long-awaited business investment.

The first commercial begins with a couple at a table. The husband is delighted as the wife delivers her good news – she recently discovered pregnancy – but is distracted by an alert that goes off at 12 noon — the Cleartrip Tatkaal window is open! The husband immediately secures a hotel at a fantastic 50% discount and surprises his wife with his own wonderful news.

The second commercial, which follows a similar plot, portrays two business partners, one of whom receives the news that every entrepreneur dreams of the company has just closed a major investment. What could be better than that? Of course, Cleartrip Tatkaal! As the 12 o’clock alarm goes off, the second entrepreneur rushes to purchase tickets and brags about the great deal he’s gotten.

The two ad films focus on a puzzled individual who thought they were conveying the finest news conceivable, with light humor reinforcing the campaign’s feel-good quality. Cleartrip, on the other hand, has something exciting planned. The premise of the commercial films brilliantly conveys the feelings associated with receiving huge reductions and costs that have been halved. “A large celebration was required as Cleartrip debuts Cleartrip Tatkaal,” stated Kunal Dubey, Cleartrip’s CMO. The deal, which is an industry first, will provide travelers with a window of opportunity to save 50% on all domestic flights and accommodations, giving them twice the value for half the price. What could be better than that? In a lighthearted yet significant way, the campaign has wonderfully conveyed this essential sentiment. We’re making every good news seem even better now that our consumers may arrange a longer, more leisurely trip without burning a hole in their wallets. We’re thrilled to be able to communicate this wonderful news with our consumers, and we encourage them to take advantage of Cleartrip Tatkaal!”

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