Companies enhance hiring as business activity resumes


Subsequently seeing the slowdown in April and May when economic activity had almost arrived at a stop among a deadly second wave and the recruiting activity picked up footstep in June. The interesting news is that the retrieval has been broad-based across the sectors, cities, parts and experience bands.

The sectors like Retail, hospitality and travel industries which have been the bad hit with the pandemic also viewed a sharp enhancement in recruiting activity during the month. And it witnessed development in hiring across some main industries as well as functional areas, which is a sign of resilience and recovery of recruiting activity across the country, mainly after a decrease of 15% in April 2021 and then demolition in May, mainly due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As per the results of Naukri, there has been a considerable recovery of recruiting activity as of May in the sectors of hotels, restaurants, airlines and travel which are frank 87% and 57% in retail as pandemic-related limitations on movement were rested. After a recent flop, retrieval came in sectors such as insurance which saw a flow of 38% in hiring, BFSI increased 29% and pharma and biotech enhanced 22%. Other sectors like FMCG at 22% increase, education and teaching at 15% and BPO/ITES increase 4%, also saw a fine sequential uprising in June versus May.

While talking about the IT sector which hasn’t been impacted by the pandemic and from the digital transformation of businesses over the last year, it saw an increase of 5% in hiring activities as of May. And compared with June 2019 it has an increase of 52%. The chief business officer of, Pawan Goyal pointed that double-digit growth in recruiting activity in almost all regions after a decline in growth last month shows a uniform retrieval of the job market. 

The CEO of general staffing and allied services, Innov source, Anand Sundar Raj, pointed out that the users from across sectors have divided their hiring scheme both for their hiring of regular and seasonal. Traditionally, its demand peaks between July and December co-occurrence with the festival season. And they are anticipating a high demand from sectors like – e-commerce, logistics and warehouse, BFSI, agriculture and industrials at every time.

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