Criteo acquires Mabaya to expand into retail media


Another Interesting acquisition in the news, CRITEO – a global advertising company that is driven by technology to provide a significant solution to the world’s marketers announced that they had acquired MABAYA, a Saas company that majorly develops technologies that enable online retailers to monetize their traffic. It adds like an extension to Criteo’s current advertising model.

Criteo retail media covers more than 1000 brands, almost 120 agencies, and 100 retailers. According to the given data in 2020, Criteo saw a growth rate of 53%, precisely $3.3 million bounce in sales and advertisement and $400 million in advertising revenue. In the First quarter of 2021 Criteo’s growth at the rate of 122% year on year basis signifies their potential capacities to keep ruling the marketplace.

This acquisition brings a new avenue to the Criteo sales domain, expands their product sales following Brand Augmentation. Provide new Online media revenue models to retailers in their marketplaces. Mabayas technologies and Criteo Retail media solutions act as a combine structure for any marketer to amplify their sales at a huge scale and at the same time generate adequate revenue. There is a large no of retailers waiting for the right opportunity to move towards online media for sales and revenue. 

“Criteo already powers the largest open retail media ecosystem outside of the walled gardens, and with the acquisition of Mabaya, we can now better serve the needs of marketplaces and their sellers,” said Geoffroy Martin, EVP and General Manager, Growth Portfolio at Criteo.

After this collaboration retailer will get a marketplace wide range of product with a different point of selling, a transforming market keeps innovating its technologies which open door to new strategies to increase conversion at the higher rate. Criteo dealing with advertisements since 2005, they are continuously learning from these 16 years of experiences that can be easily visible through current growth rates. Digitalization in the retail or Advertisement media world will not be going to vanish around it only get modify at its best.

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