Curfew works; Covid cases decreased in Delhi


As we all know, Delhi is the state which is emerging in the top list of the number of the covid cases in pour country and the government has imposed restrictions and night curfew as to bring the situation in control. 

Delhi Health Minister on Monday said that the number of covid cases decreased from the past week count as per the restrictions and curfew which was imposed in the state.

He also said that it seems to be working and the situation will be in control if the restrictions and curfew remain for some more time. The state also ensured there will be no lockdown in the capital city to the migrant workers. 

The state also started the vaccination drive for children between the age group from 15 to 18 from the first week of January 2022, ensuring the safety of the children as the reports state that this covid wave mainly affects children, disabled people, pregnant women, and people with less immunity. 

The health minister also stated that the state covered one year of the vaccination drive and completed 2.5 crores of vaccination for the people in the state. He also added that the state recorded more than 18,000 cases over the past three days. 

The health minister stated that the curfew played the main role as we witness the number of covid cases got decreased in the state and issued the order to continue the same unless a further notification is put forward. 

The state will continue the revised rules and regulations of the Covid-19 which is issued in the state to ensure the safety of the public. It mainly includes wearing masks, frequently sanitizing, and maintaining social distancing. 

The health minister also appreciated the health workers, frontline workers, and police who are hardworking in this situation to bring down the cases and ensure safety in the state. 

The schools and colleges will remain closed and there will only 50% of officers in the government offices and the state has put forward 100% seating capacity in metro and buses with regard to the situation. 

He concluded the meeting with the media by saying that the government expects the same kind of cooperation from the people regarding this matter to bring down the cases and to continue life normally sooner. 

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