Dabur’s health shot is the new talk in the market


Dabur is one of the best Ayurvedic and natural health care companies in India has come forward with a new health shot in the market which is a food drink called Dabur Vita.

According to the brand, Dabur Vita is a drink that is supplemented with highly nutritious food components in one form. It is packaged with the goodness of 30 plus Ayurvedic boosters for one’s body and it is also scientifically tested for approval of usage.

It can be used by kids and adults as it provides better immunity to kids and promotes their physical and mental health. Dabur announced this campaign of their products through advertisements in major publications. 

The product is a blend of 30 herbs mainly constituting Shudh Shilajit, Ashwagandha, and Safed Musli combined with Swarna Bhasma a unique formulation with helps in boosting energy and meeting stamina needs within a short period of time. 

FMCG collaborated with Flipkart for launching the product through online means. The package is available in online and offline stores. With free delivery and payment of cash in any means, Flipkart provides a 30% discount o the products. 

It has been launched in chocolate flavor oriented for kids mainly and can be mixed with water. It is available in 7 stock-keeping units starting at 15-gram packets starting with a price of Rupees 10 per packet. 

The brand manager of Dabur is delighted to make the announcement of their new product through an e-commerce platform, Flipkart gaining a large number of responses especially for customers mainly family-oriented with kids as the product is launched in chocolate flavor.

He also added that since Dabur is a worldwide used brand, the launch of the new product Dabur Vita is also worldwide fulfilling the needs of customers all over the globe.

Dabur has a strong legacy over introducing healthy products and Dabur Vita adds on to the list. All the products are scientifically tested and approved before they make their launch to the public and Dubar Vita is also scientifically tested and prescribed for kids the most.

Since it is the era where energy and body immunities are being sought out by the mothers for their children, Dabur is one of the best choices are you could make as there are no side effects. It is made from the roots of the mother earth. 

Over an experience and trust over 137 years of the brans Dabur, the legacy keeps on shredding to new products and the recent one of this year is a healthy shot that offers double the benefits in the growth and immunity category prioritizing quality and taste as it falls under the milk drink category. 

Since the search for a healthy shot is top of the list, it’s high time you make the right choice and your choice is here. All you need to be is part of the Dabur family. 

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