Data and creativity should blend together


With digital earning significance in the world, data has become a crucial element of designing strategies for brands. At the lately held Pitch CMO Summit 2022, a group of specialist panelists provided their understanding of how data and creativity can give rise to miracles for a brand. 

The session, ‘Data and Creativity: How they can work jointly was chaired by Puneet Avasthi, Director, Specialist Businesses, Insights Division, Kantar. In the forum, expert panelists commented that both data and creativity are significant to sending the message to the right target group. Avasthi began the discussion with his concern as to whether data and creativity are mutually exclusive and should it be exclusive or interact with each other while formulating a strategy. 

Udit Malhotra, Head of Marketing, MG Motor India, said, “Data and creativity should be blended to each other and must not be mutually exclusive. The bigger question to inquire is, as marketers or businesses perform we possess a data perspective or a consumer-first perspective. The explanation to this question will strengthen your creativity for the present and future. It is complementing training and it is not mutually exclusive. Data and creativity are comprehensive and complement each other. There is one fact that data can facilitate creativity and it is not there to destroy creativity or seize control of the creativity.”

Ruchika Gupta, CMO, Luminous Power Technologies, illustrated how a marketer cannot depend just on one factor while building the campaign. She said, “I believe in my point of view, data and creativity, takes both of them to gather to reap a great dish. Both in terms of formulating a campaign and media usage play a vital role. I do not think any strategy would have only one of them. One cannot confide only on data or creativity.”

For Somali Chatterjee, Head – Integrated Marketing Experiences (IMX), India; Southwest Asia, Coca-Cola Company, data is an initiator which recognizes the true audience while creativity enables the delivery of the right brand message. She explains, “For me, it is about how much of data and creativity is being employed. A couple of years back we were discussing further traditional media and new age media but presently we have ended discussing it. In the coming years, we will quit treating data and creativity contrarily. Data provides you insights which assist build creativity and creativity enables you to build discussions, efforts and behaviour.” 

Interpreting the significance of data and creativity for a marketer, Prasun Kumar, CMO, Just Dial said, “Saying data and creativity are mutually exclusive in the present day’s context is like recognizing technology and our lives separable. I think data governs everything that you perform. But the real method of creativity does have those rooms where they are not driven by data only. The point should be what the goal of creativity is. The ROI-driven mindset gives rise to data very important.”   

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