Do it your way: Nike


Nikes final ad of its “You can’t Stop Us” Campaign has the background voice “You just gotta prove you can do it again, again and again” .

 The star athletes like Naomi Osaka, Marcus Rashford and Kevin Durant along with regular folk were featured in the one-minute ad. Each giving out their best to fulfil their “Why” in the fiery ad. Each one of us are destined to achieve the purpose of our lives and tend to discover “Why” of our lives and strive best to answer it. We are “Unstoppables” once we discover it. At the end of the ad Nike asks you to sign up an initiative on tits website to get guided to reach the absolute best.

Nike launched first ad of it’s “You can’t stop us” campaign in early 2020. The ad featured star athlete’s like boxer Ramala Ali, basketball star LeBron James, and beach volleyball star Sara Hughes along with other folks. The athletes featured in this are seen working out from home , as the most required motivation during the pandemic times.

Followed this ad , there was another inspiring ad released by sport’s giant in the month of May called “Never Far too down”. This ad featured basketball star Lebron James heard speaking about getting through tough times. In August, Nike came up with a unique approach to release an epic ad that combed through 4000 clips and 72 were chosen and combined into 36-split screen moments that were merged into one.

By harping on its famous waffle sneakers, Nike didn’t establish its faithful fan base. Nike’s advertisements, in particular, seldom, if ever, mention their goods at all. What their advertisements do, and do well, is stimulate emotion in the customer by ’emotional branding’. Each advertising is carefully designed to elicit unique customer emotions and needs that can only be fulfilled with Nike products.

It does this by playing up the conventional tale of a hero who works hard to conquer hardship, finally emerging victorious against a dreadful enemy. But it’s not, in this case, a literal adversary being fought. Nike brings the comparison to a far more relatable level: the ‘horrible enemy’ is the voice in your head that says, “You can’t.” “The organization says to that: “Just do it.


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