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With the pandemic erupting and the e-commerce market changing dramatically, dropshipping has quickly become a solution for online sellers. Dropshipping and e-commerce have reached $ 4 billion in the last 10 years.  In 2020, it recorded a 7% increase. Dropshipping is gaining popularity and is turning into an upcoming trend. With this growing demand in 2016, Baapstore quickly realized. Baapstore founder Karthik Gurnani monitored future demand and helped sellers sell online even during epidemics. 

E-commerce business with dropshipping on the scale Baapstore. 

In India dropshipping provides a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to measure them e-commerce business. Dropshipping provides sellers to accept orders from customers without having to keep products in stock. Drop Shipping’s chain management system allows an entrepreneur to reduce the hassle of storing, packing, and exporting products. Many of the e-commerce questions can be answered by the Baapstore subscription. 

1) Assured Wholesale Prices. 

Baapstore says access to products at the right wholesale price is the secret behind the success of their client-sellers. But some people can think that how a company can deliver wholesale goods for single orders, but that is the motto of Baapstore. They are not taking any commission on sales. The tags of the product will be printed with the seller’s brand. 

2) Dropship Multiple Product Categories on Baapstore. 

Dropshipping in Baapstore permits sellers to sell Indian products wholesale at affordable prices. Numerous choices are provided to sellers, allowing them to select the products they want and display prices on the products. Baapstore is also abandoning branded products, including Jockey, Triumph, Trilo, Enamore, and other leading brands. 

3) Sell on any e-commerce platform and deliver worldwide. 

Baapstore sellers can sell on Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and any other platform. Sellers can also opt for other platforms such as social media, chat tools, and emails to sell their products. Baapstore offers generic shipping to 26000+ Indian pin codes, tracking numbers for products, and one-day shipments to international destinations. 

Customer Experience on Baapstore: 

The 44-year-old Manjunath, who is based in Delhi, spoke in an interview about increasing his profits and the contribution that Baapstore has made to his business. Since 2009 he has been selling products online through various e-commerce platforms, including his website. 

However, the profit he made never made him happy. He soon began looking for services to cut some extra costs and measure online business. During his research, he discovered Baapstore’s drop shipping services.   

He values how to incorporate time and effort into managing his e-commerce business.  His sales revenue increased significantly.  The Diamond subscription model at Baapstore enables him to handle technical e-commerce solutions such as shipping, packing, and maintaining an inventory. 

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