FanCode raises Funds worth $50mn from Dream sports


FanCode, a digital platform for sports fans has raised funds of $50 million from its parent company Dream sports through the Dream sports Investment arm. FanCode was founded in 2019 by eminent personalities of sports Yannick Colaco and Prasana Krishnan present personalized Sports statistics and sports content.

Till now, FanCode gathers almost 20 million Sports fans on their platforms and already collaborated with the most popular sports brands as MLB, New Zealand cricket, NBA, NFL, Cricket West Indies. FanCode had a live stream overall of 30,000 Hours of sports content.

FanCode has 3 Direct customers platform like “FC stats” for Sports analytics and insights, FC lives for sports Content streaming live, and FC shop.  FanCode already acquired FanDuniya to become only to merchandise all 8 teams of IPL through FC shop. Experts like Ravi Shastri, Ayaz Memon, and Ajit Agarkar were onboarded by FanCode.

Yannick Colaco, a co-founder of FanCode, said, “The funding from Dream Sports will help us enhance our existing offerings and invest in further innovation in the sports tech domain as we scale up to our goal of growing to a user base of 100 million sports fans by July 2022.”

FanCode becomes more like a basket containing a wide category of products that every sports fan was looking for, and the craze for sports is like never dying phenomenon for any country. They have witnessed tremendous growth in just a short period, along with perfectly balancing every vertical. They are aiming to expand their Subscription to wide users.

These funds will also be invested to become the largest sports demand aggregator platform. Also Dream sports Investment focusing on potential verticals driven by sports technology, to add investment into them to grow faster. Tech is the new fuel and this current period is a highly advantageous opportunity to investors.  As Pandemic already damage the expectation from the sectors and drew uncertainty to the recovery, this fundraising show green signal or positive note to the path of the sports industry.

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