Festive period hits the news genre favorably


India being a nation of varied languages and festivals, is hitting the news broadcasters more enthusiastically. In addition to the busy festive period, the broadcasters had much more areas to cover in their sheet, including the pent-up demand, skyrocketed ad sales, and the promise of vaccines. With the customer sentiments slowly returning to normal, there was a positive acceleration for the news broadcasters in the sales ad.

Along with each year of festivals, the busy schedule of the news with Bihar elections and the US elections have kept most of the target viewers closely linked to the news genre. Thanks to the news of the elections, paved the way for many advertisers to gain popularity in this scenario. Most of the broadcasters are hopefully looking forward to the uptick to continue till the end of the year.

From Puja to Vijayadashami to Diwali to Christmas and New Year, the broadcasters had a prominent role to play. The year 2020 had the highest growth in the advertisement in the news generator between the month of August and November. As compared to the year 2019, there was a significant growth of 28 percent as compared to the movie genre at 24 percent. As per the data of TAM Ad Ex, in comparison to the other genres, the news channels had captured the overall share of 31 percent.

Due to the heavy news periods, the slight shortage of ratings did not create much of a scene for the news broadcasters as it was a credit to business when the customer’s sentiments got improved. The festival for this year has been better than last year with September – November witnessing 60% growth on the COVID-19 tenure. The next four months are expected to see the pre-COVID-19 levels of advertising that would be going active with many different categories due to the change in lifestyle in the midst of the pandemic.

While discussing the inventory, a senior media expert had reported that most of the channels were able to sell their whole inventory and some were able to charge a premium.

The festive period of the year 2020 came to be having about 58 percent of a high share in the average ad volume per day, noted to be the maximum rise when compared to the non-festive period, which had the share of 42 percent.


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