Google gathers 20 times more user data than Apple

Google suffered a worldwide blackout on Monday, December 14, 2020, which impacted many services from about 1 p.m., French time, outside the famous search engine of the U.S. firm, which was still working. Some services could be put back in place, in degraded mode, half an hour later, such as Gmail which is accessible again since 1:30 pm according to our observations. When the service was resumed, Google first indicated that the messaging system was "not able to access" the contacts. "You may encounter problems," warned the American giant. This message is no longer displayed in mailboxes ---- File - Illustration google (logo) is seen on the screen in Paris on January 25, 2020. Photo by Eliot Blondet/ABACAPRESS.COM.

Even with limited configuration, the researchers discovered that both iPhone and Android models often share data.

According to a report, both Android and iPhone share data in 4.5 minutes on average.

Following the disturbing news that the data of 50 million Facebook users was discovered on a website for hackers, a recent study claims that Google gathers more data from Android users than Apple does from iOS or iPhone/iPad users. According to research from Trinity College Dublin, Google gathers 20 times more data from Android devices than it does from iPhones running iOS.

The report also discovered that, even with limited configuration, both iPhone and Android models often share data. Google declined to accept the study’s methodology.

During the analysis, it was discovered that on average, both Android and iPhone exchange data in 4.5 minutes, which includes basic handset information such as the SIM serial number, hardware serial number, IMEI, and handset phone number.

When a SIM card is inserted into an Apple or Google device, iOS sends Apple the Mac addresses of nearby devices as well as its GPS location. It’s impossible to avoid it. Both phones give the hardware serial number, IMEO, SIM serial number, and phone number to the handset manufacturer before logging in to Google or any other account on the device. . Google also collects Ad ID, Android ID, Resettable Device Identifier DroidGuard key, and other similar details.

Apple, on the other hand, collects users’ location and IP address even when they are not signed into their Apple account, while Google does not. Even when users reject it, Apple and Google submit Telemetry results. Google has 1 MB of data after 10 minutes of booting, while Apple has 42KB. Google collects 1 MB of data even though the computer is not in operation, although Apple secures 52 KB of data every 12 hours.

In response to the study’s results, Google reported that it had discovered weaknesses in the methods for estimating data collection volume. The data sent to Google also helps Google keep the device up to date and ensure it is “safe and running efficiently,” according to the spokesperson.

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