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The need for rest and wellness is a known fact, without which a person cannot perform to the best of his ability. Taking care of sleeping habits is very important to keep the brain functioning in a sound and efficient manner. Not only the brain but every part of our body needs rest at some point in time, daily, for its proper functionality the next day., one of India’s largest D2C sleep and home solutions companies, announced its collaboration efforts with corporates like Toshiba, JBM, Antworks, NetCarrot, Carrier Media, and Transsion, bringing a spotlight on the rest and well being among professionals in corporate sectors. Extensive corporate training has been conducted by the company based on employee health and wellness from medium to large organizations in the period of the last three months. The aim is to create awareness on sleep, work-life balance making them understand the link between mental health and sleep.

The training session in the corporate sector was first implemented amidst the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. Over 20 sessions have been conducted by Wakefit so far. Wakefit has touched the lives of over 1000 employees, garnering positive responses towards the initiative recapitulates the challenges posed by the current work culture, showcasing the need to change some structural framework for ensuring a healthy talent pool and more productive economy.

In a bid to expand this initiative, plans to reach out to more corporate professionals for creating a movement about sleep, ergonomics, and health in the coming time. It also conducted a webinar on sleep awareness and work-life balance that turned out to be an eye-opener for many professionals, most of whom were and still are, struggling with the new normal of working from home over the past year. The session was a good reminder of the tiny corrections we need to create in our daily routines for making an effective difference in our health.

Amidst pandemic, rest seems to be the least cared thing of all due to erratic hours, shorter sleep cycles, and binge weekends, harmful to one’s well-being. Wakefit, since its inception in March 2016, has had several campaigns and initiatives, unique in every sense, to impart greater awareness of sleep and lifestyle choices on health.

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