‘Heartbreaks can be sweet’ says Britannia Little Hearts’ latest campaign


The season of love is here and for our loved ones, it’s all about making it extra sweet. As confessions of love starts, some find themselves with their special person at the start of a beautiful journey. But, is every romantic getting their sweethearts? Not. However, each loving act can be a nice remembrance to recall. Many even go through heartbreaks. So why not enjoy such heartbreaks of sweetness! Britannia Little Hearts, with that idea in mind, launched a special effort to recall certain acts of romance and make someone’s heartbreak a little sweeter.

The video takes viewers on the experience of a comedy of mistakes. This is the tale of a boy like a young girl -girl like another boy-life takes a different turn. As a young Aman pulls out the courage to leave a gift basket at the door of Neha, he hides away to see what his fate has in store. For her admirer, a curious Neha looks around, doesn’t see anyone around, and then she makes a decision. Is love going to find a way? And will shattered hearts be there? This brand -new Britannia Little Hearts’ campaign takes you on an enjoyable journey that will make you feel that any little heartbreak can also be filled with sweetness, just like Little Hearts. And not just that, Britannia Little Hearts allows any customer to send a customized message in the video to anyone they want to share the “Break Some Hear” message with.

The brand in a first-ever offers viewers the chance to personalize this ad with a greeting for their loved ones, who have recently gone through heartbreak as a unique ending slate to the film, to take this campaign a step forward. Britannia Little Hearts feels that a light part of growing up is both the making of hearts and the cracking of hearts. This campaign is a specific effort by Britannia Little Hearts to lift spirits and see the brighter, sweeter side to it. On the day devoted to love, the film strikes the right balance between cheeky and sweet, making heartbreaks bearable with a special Little Hearts philosophy. This piece also comes with a one-of-its-kind personalization opportunity for one of the most beloved brands, which is just about the best pick-up for all the fallen hearts, including Valentine’s Day.

The campaign is set to go live through the handles of Little Heart’s social media, and you can send your messages to the brand in the comments section of the movie or as a DM. The film is then personalized at the end of its message and shared with audiences via DM, who can then share the personalized AD with their heartbroken friends and inspire them by saying that heartbreaks are sweet.

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