House of Gaming collaborates with blockchain ventures


To bring Blockchain Gaming into the mainstream, House of Gaming, a next-gen Technology firm has partnered with Bluewheel capital and Wharf Street Studios and has aimed to develop Esports in India through Indian Gaming League, Hefty Games, and GameGods. The purpose of the association is to build fame for the House of Gaming enterprise’s latest project into Age of tanks (Bluewheel Capital) and Epiko Regal (Wharf Street Studios).

Collaboration with Bluewheel Capital and Wharf Street Studios will reinforce House of Gaming’s effort to upkeep and drive Web 3 gaming adoption throughout the world and also aim to boost the Gaming and NFT (Non-fungible Assets) ecosystem of Hefty Games with exclusive P2E (Play to Earn) tournaments. House of Gaming plans to release NFT trading cards, allowing the gamers to own collectibles from their favourite gamer which in return develops higher engagement.

Hefty Games, in collaboration with Polygon and eDAO, has established itself as a one-stop destination for all forms of digital art in the gaming world on the blockchain. Polygon, a leading Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development platform, will help in engaging gamers and bring them in contact with industrial giants like Hindustan Talkies and Hungama. Expanding partnerships in the domain of collectibles and blockchain will favor India in recognizing the positive economic impact of blockchain gaming, at the same time transforming House of Gaming into a multi-service entertainment application. 

House of Gaming will raise itself to be a driving force for providing entertainment across esports, games, and blockchain technology and contributes to the development of the most diverse portfolio of gaming titles via the blockchain association.

“Our strategic relationship with Bluewheel Capital and Wharf Street Studios provides a portal for novel forms of participation in the esports community,” says Pariani, co-founder and CEO of House of Gaming. The industry has gained more pace and scope as a result of the widespread use of web-3 gaming. We are eager to make a strategic contribution to advancing the gaming industry’s future.

“Our cooperation with House of Gaming will further incentivize participation, allowing players to transform blockchain into a possible source of income,” said V Agarwal, CEO of Bluewheel Capital, in a statement about the alliance. The actual potential of bitcoin and web-based multiplayer gaming has yet to be realized due to the escalating hurdles. The partnership will reenergize the sector and provide it with an advantage in the NFT field.

“Our partnership with House of Gaming boosts our possibilities of growing the blockchain world and making NFT Games a key source of revenue distribution for a flood of new games, one such competitive game is Epiko Regal, and our objective is to give it a sizable foothold in the blockchain ecosystem”, said Venkatesh Krishna Murthy, founder, and CEO of Wharf Street Studio. 

House of Gaming’s plans to develop Esports in India looks very promising, and at the same time, it is exciting to be a part of the Gaming Revolution.

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