Introducing ‘Smart Fill’ machines to reduce plastic waste- HUL


HUL has launched a new initiative called the Smart Fill machine. After believing in refill pouches, customers are having a more eco-friendly alternative to buying HUL products. The Smart fill machine is an in-store vending model for home care products, and it can be reuse, reduce and recycle plastic.

HUL is attempting a stimulus action to use this machine and reusable the bottles by offering a discount. If the consumers bring their Bottle, they will get a 30 rupees discount, and if they choose to buy a Smart fill Bottle, they will get a 15 rupees’ discount.

These benefits will be available on HUL brands like Surf Excel liquid, Front and Top load washing machines, comfort fabric conditioner, and Vim Dish liquid. We can also ensure that the company produces 100 percent reusable, recyclable, and compostable by 2025.

Reuse and recycle are unique features of most urban neighborhoods and very instincts in Indian families. Micro entrepreneurs buy household materials for recycling. Refill is one of the smart efforts by HUL.

Zero wastes stores are thee phenomenon that relies on the working model in many parts of the world.

How this initiative will be fair to compare to the refill pack by avoiding plastic waste?

Ajeeta Bharadwaj, chief strategy officer, Wondrlab, India, said, a recent study by Mintel India is that 72 percent of Indian consumers are aware of using single-use plastic. Every new initiative will be good in the context that it operates. It might be harder for the HUL if it introduces Smart Fill machines a decade ago. These days’ consumers have been changing their mindsets towards sustainability and plastic waste.

Not all consumers will choose these Smart fill machines, but some will have good intentions. Compare with Smart fill machines to refill pouches it will be more convenient. We can stock them easily and refill them whenever we want.

But refill pouches are only the half step towards solving the plastic waste. It works harder towards the reduce, reuse, recycle because they eliminate plastic usage.

Roshnee Desai, the founder of design agency LOCAL, said, this initiative should be promoted more about the needs of the machine. Refill machines are better for the environment than the refill sachet pack. It is possible but it will be a little bit harder to make it a habit for the consumers.

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