Play ‘Guess the Brand’ with Pizza: Zomato


Zomato enables influencers to play Guess the Brand with pizzas. Zomato, the leading food delivery platform, its latest video tries to place a theory test. The game is about trying to match the pizza to which brand it belongs.

Eating any dish from different restaurants enough number of times, we can able to guess the place where it comes from. The duo game matches the subsequent with a pizza-induced twist.

While guessing if we don’t know the correct answer then we can know details about the flavor, texture, and taste by checking. It is enough to induce a close picture within the viewer’s head. This may make customers order more from the Zomato app in order that it will increase its demand more in these times. In July, Zomato will celebrate it as its birthday month and therefore brand offers various discounts on food delivery from various restaurants.

Recently a video features Scoop Whoop’s Akshay Nayar and Kanishk Priyadarshi attempting to guess the pizza brand.  Sahibi Bali a brand manager also tastes different burgers from various restaurants in Delhi.

During the lockdown, the food delivery apps have served crores of customers and helped them to cut back the burn rate significantly, and had made a positive impact on the health of their business.

Also,  during the pandemic, Zomato Feed the daily wager campaign under the Feeding India Program, where it collected 32 rupees crore,  which used to distribute over 65 million meals to the daily wager community.

Zomato wants to extend its frequency in India, which is incredibly value-centric. It depends on whether Zomato can grow faster than the global players increasing their revenue rate of growth rate and also the frequency without any discounts.

Zomato is not aware of creating food-themed content for social media. Under the banner of Zomato originals team creates content featuring influencers who cover a range of topics.

Lockdown in some states for the past few months, the video has been shot, edited, and uploaded remotely. Recently Zomato also took social media to reshare a music video clip that highlights brand presence. Also created a collaboration with the South Indian musician Anirudh Ravichandran. Song tilted Summa Semma Zomato in Tamil language featuring the director shaking his leg, ordering food from the app as the day progresses.  

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