‘Jandaar Bano’ – Campaign Unveiled by Sun Pharma


A new advertisement, ‘Jandaar Bano,’ has been launched by Sun Pharma Consumer Healthcare, a division of Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd for its iconic over-the-counter (OTC) band, Revital H Woman Lowe Lintas, Mumbai, has conceptualized the initiative, which propagates holistic wellbeing.

In women, a hectic day and inappropriate diet contribute to different health problems, especially when they are entering their early 30s. Regular exhaustion, fatigue, weaker muscles, constant back pain and poor muscle health are only a few conditions that are widely recognized. And for most ladies, the go-to option at present is calcium supplements. Calcium supplements, however, are considered to only promote bone health.

They do not solve other issues that make a person lethargic and tired. Therefore, a holistic multi-vitamin that not only contains calcium for bone health but also has other Ginseng vitamins, nutrients, and goodness that helps sustain one’s vitality must be eaten.

This latest Revital H Woman initiative educates the customer about their needs that are not addressed by daily calcium supplements. The campaign highlights Revital H Woman’s resilience and addresses its multi-vitamin, multi-mineral formulation that contains calcium, iron, natural ginseng, and the merits of its intake over ordinary calcium supplements. A positive uplift is offered by Revital H Woman, which helps one feel more engaged, more refreshed, and more competent.

Madhu Noorani, President, Lowe Lintas, commented on the campaign by saying that the campaign aims to change the outlook of women consumers towards health supplements by educating them to consume a multi-vitamin to maintain their health, such as Revital H Woman. The campaign is focused around the understanding that women need to look after their bones in today’s hectic lifestyle, and resources needs to be similarly robust on a regular basis. By being ‘Not Yet Mazboot, Bit Jandaar’ all day long, the TVC reveals the value of having a holistic multivitamin.

Vidhi Shanghvi, Head-Consumer Healthcare India, Sun Pharma, commented on the campaign, by saying that for over 30 years, Revital H has been a trendsetter in India’s segment of health supplements. In our world, there is an unmet need for a holistic multi-vitamin for women that also provides women the ability to get through their hectic everyday lives. With the introduction of this initiative, the goal is to increase the appeal of both the benefits of vitamins and minerals and the benefit of natural Ginseng energy to support this Bhaag Daud Bhari Zindagi.

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