Jumboking rolls out #BurgersonThego campaign


After McDonald’s and Burger King, Jumboking is India’s largest domestic burger chain and has more than 115 locations. The company has developed a new ATL marketing campaign called #BurgersOnTheGo. The ad, which was introduced in Mumbai, attempts to highlight Jumboking’s fundamental positioning as India’s preferred vegetarian burger brand for consumption while traveling. In 35 train stations and on local trains running on the Central, Western, and Harbour lines, the brand has unveiled advertising posters in crucial spots.

The messaging is in line with our brand strategy of providing speedy service to our customers, which includes students, young working professionals, and anyone concerned with hygienic eating. The advertising campaign wants to remind customers to reward themselves with some Jumboking burgers after a long day. According to Dheeraj Gupta, founder and MD of Jumboking Foods, “Jumboking has found a place in people’s daily routine by delivering convenience to India’s commuters—across metros, trains, bus terminals, and airports.

For clients who want to eat on the go, JUMBOKING has a predetermined structure for crucial areas, such as train stations. Customers may place orders quickly and easily without confusion or waiting time thanks to the uncluttered menu.

To reflect Mumbai’s vibrant cosmopolitan culture, JUMBOKING has decided to keep the campaign slogan for the current campaign, #BreakTohBantaHai, in Hindi.

Gupta is convinced that the #BurgersonThego campaign will appeal to Jumbokings’ devoted fans given that on-the-go consumption is already experiencing a speedier rebound in the new normal. “With the opening of new locations and workplaces and the resurgence of on-the-go snacking alternatives that are primarily motivated by convenience, people have started traveling again. According to him, “We think that this campaign will deepen the brand’s relationship with its target market.

Privately held Jumboking intends to end the fiscal year 2022–2023 with 150–160 locations. Jumboking has already experienced a stunning 4x growth over the past 5 years, despite COVID.

The largest chain of locally owned quick service restaurants in western India is called Jumboking. Dheeraj Gupta founded it on August 23, 2001.

The restaurants offer the largest selection of vegetarian burgers, thick shakes, fries, and soft drinks. The business uses technology to advance both its internal and external control systems, and it has delivery agreements with Swiggy and Zomato to handle out-of-store orders. In India, it is a franchising pioneer.

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