Khatabook’s ‘Dhande ka Vaccine’ campaign featuring MSD


Fintech startup, Khatabook, a startup of Fintech, released its latest campaign named Dhande ka vaccine. Created by Fatman, the campaign features MS Dhoni as Dhande ka Doctor. For those who don’t know, this is the fourth Khatabook character of MS Dhoni in the campaigns for Khatabook and Biz Analyst By Khatabook.

Characters such as Sharmila Sharmaji, Techno Tawde, and Tomorrow Swamy were played by MS Dhoni in the previous Khatabook campaigns.

Businesses are not in a good condition right now or they are in rather worse conditions because of Covid-19 and lockdowns imposed due to that. They have been suffering for a long time now and conditions will get worse if actions are not taken. And in the present time, the only thing that probably gives a sign of cure, hope, and a better future is a Vaccine.

Featuring our favorite cricketer and Indian captain, none other than Dhoni aka Dhande ka Doctor, the ‘Dhande ka Vaccine’ campaign by Khatabook is nothing but the most effective digital solution to overcome business challenges or problems.

The campaign consists of bookkeeping and use-cases with Khatabook and Biz Analyst for the overall management of business and intelligence with a series of videos.

It is going to be live for 6 weeks across various media platforms such as social media, on mobile applications, and OTT, and the campaign has been launched in five languages: Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, and Tamil.

CEO, and Co-founder of Khatabook, Ravish Naresh said, “Our product offerings justify our mission to make businesses better organized and authorize merchants with the power of technology. The pandemic has stunned up the business ecosystem.

However, our MSME community has signified great flexibility and is adopting digital to build future-proof businesses.

“We intend to motivate more small businesses so that they will embrace our digital solutions in managing their resources efficiently and effectively and survive in this Covid situation,” said.

Founder and Chief Creative Officer, of Fatmen, Ashwin Varkey said, “Khatabook is very special to us, not only as a brand but also as a client. After we created the last campaign, it was our responsibility not to let the momentum drop. Shishir Kapre along with his team has created an exceptionally thrilling campaign. Kudos to Kshitij for bringing this idea to the table.

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