LearnApp and Tanmay Bhatt come together for an educational series


Is it only enough to earn more money?

Investments and saving are the key factors that enhance your money’s annuity capacities.

LearnApp announces their collaboration with leading YouTuber and Famous standup comedian Tanmay Bhatt for their upcoming module include series of videos explaining the basics of trading.

LearnApp a leading startup sees the demand of the opportunity and lands up making a platform for new-age skill in investment and trading through online live as well as recorded lectures featuring Industry Recognized peoples. LearnApp was founded in 2018 by the founder Prateek singh, Ankush Oberoi, Swati Sharma, and Sohail Alam. And now by 2021 it has registered more than 2 lakh students, launches almost 250+ courses on their platform having practical exposure, interactive session, and high completion rates.

Talking about the upcoming series of videos on trading. This will be launched through Tanmay Bhatt’s youtube channel name Honestly by Tanmay Bhat featuring both Tanmay Bhatt and Prateek singh, Founder of LearnApp. From 7th June 2021 onwards, this video series will go live on the YouTube channel with a pattern of one episode per day. Basic aim to mix both learning and fun and bring something productive. LearrnApp will surely get so many leads through this collaboration as Tanmay Bhatt’s every video on his channel touches a million views within a short span of time. Apart from this in the past few years, more and more get aware of the stock market and remove the taboo of gambling firms in their mind. According to data given by SEBI (Security exchange board of India), Almost 10.7 million New Demat account addition has been coming from April 2020 to January 2021. This data shows the growing interest in financial education.

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