LG Electronics new campaign for hassle-free laundry solutions


Laundry is a difficult and time-consuming task. People used to devote the majority of their Sundays to doing laundry. Although nowadays we spend too much time on our smartphones, we don’t have to dedicate all that effort to our laundry.

 Modern washing machines make this time-consuming task simple and efficient. Technology is progressing rapidly. It is making the simple much simpler.

LG Electronics, India’s consumer durables firm, has always been dedicated to meeting the demands of its customers via ongoing innovation and technology. LG has now launched a digital campaign called #WEHEARYOU, which illustrates how the business has been redefining technology by understanding consumer needs.

LG has launched a short film as part of the campaign that shows the company’s washing machines, which are equipped with AI DD (Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive) technology, which gives a unique answer to consumers’ laundry needs.

Hyoung Subji, Director Home Appliance and Air Conditioner- LG Electronics India expressed his view regarding the campaign. The majority of today’s consumers lead very active lifestyles and seek technology that makes their lives easier.

LG always paid great attention to our customers’ demands and engaged in creating important technologies that integrate smoothly into their daily lives. LG’s most recent campaign, #WeHearYou, shows how LG has always been a brand for consumers and how certain we are that they will continue to put their trust in our offering in the future.

Laundry is a difficult undertaking for many, and the brand has highlighted the many expectations that today’s consumers have from their washing machine through the film. LG has always tried to address the requirements of consumers with cutting-edge technology solutions as a consumer-centric brand.

The movie captures the essence of a customer’s home and how LG has blended in flawlessly. The digital film concludes by presenting all of LG’s washing machine‘s key characteristics, such as 99.9%** Virus Free Wash with Steam+TM, Larger Capacity for Heavy Loads, and In today’s climate, where people prefer to stay indoors.

 Washer and Dryer, with LG ThinQ and the company’s message through the campaign #WeHearYou, allows consumers to wash and dry their laundry in the comfort of their own homes.

An Artificial Intelligent Direct DriveTM (AI DD) motor is used in the LG washing machine. LG’s AI DD technology takes big data from 20,000 pieces of washer usage data and applies settings based on the volume and delicateness of the clothing in each load of laundry to offer the best washing cycle possible.

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