Madame launched its Tom and Jerry collection


Madame, one of the leading Indian fashion brands established in the early 1980s has launched a nostalgic tom and jerry collection. The ’90s and 2000s fashion making a comeback with the era of eye-catching graphic tees and cut-out jeans paired with a bright denim jacket is slowly making its way back into vogue in 2021.

The most playful and nostalgic collection inspired by Tom & Jerry, one of the world’s most famous cartoon franchises, was launched in collaboration with Warner Bros. The hilarious cat and mouse trio live in the people’s hearts irrespective of the era they belong. Tom & Jerry’s collection is an ode to the hilarious cat and mouse ‘frenemy couples.’ The collection includes various edgy graphic tees and denim pieces featuring the timeless cartoon’s famous characters.

With the 90’s trends are coming back into fashion, the apparel industry for the modern woman sees a surge in silhouettes, cuts, and retro prints. This collection aims to seamlessly reintroduce the iconic trends of elasticated hems and puffed sleeves into modern everyday wear to create an effortlessly trendy look. It sits perfectly between the past and the present. The fashion range consists of a variety of casual pieces such as tees, jackets, dresses, shirts, and jumpsuits – a complete range for the modern woman who fancies a touch of mischief inspired by childhood.

A clothing brand that first stood out and emerged as a youth favorite for the unique color palette of its winter wear collection range. The color palette was derived from subtle, classic winter hues such as cream, dusty pink, and mauve. Madame’s Tom & Jerry apparel collection combines chic and mood-boosting elements with everyday fashion basics. It creates a clothing range for the woman who fancies a piece or two in her wardrobe shows her classic quirkiness.

Parika Rawal, head design at Madame, said, Commenting on her creative process for this collection, “This is something that occurred to me as I was through my TV. I caught a glimpse of The Tom & Jerry Show. The cartoon show is one that every child had watched at some point in their lives – either by themselves or with their parents—That’s when I decided on the theme for my new collection. There couldn’t be any other iconic or more widespread beloved cartoon characters than these frenemy couples. this vibrant collection is meant to bring out the child in you through fashion.”

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