Mankind Pharma pricks Indians hesitant to get vaccinate


Coronavirus has already taken many lives. The deadly virus doesn’t see if the person is rich or poor, young or aged, black or white The day it entered the world everything was upside down. There is hardly any family whose member has not suffered from the corona. We all are in the same boat.

Social distancing, wearing masks, and getting vaccinated is the steps that every one of us needs to follow on a daily basis. These are the steps we need to follow for ourselves as well as it is every individual’s duty to tell their loved ones also to follow the necessary steps.

Although the vaccination process is going on everywhere still there are some people who are not participating in it. To generate awareness so that everyone gets the vaccine Mankind Pharma has rolled out a campaign titled ‘Vaccinate my India’, to spread awareness about the importance of vaccination for Indians.

Conceptualized by SG Media, the campaign aims to urge all Indians to get both doses of their vaccination administered at the earliest. The film shows a doctor lighting up a baton and handing it over to the frontline workers including a nurse, pharmacist, ambulance driver, police, army officials, the Kirana (grocery) delivery boy, a sanitation worker, and even the journalists, who played a crucial role in conveying the messaging of getting vaccinated to the public. All the torch-bearers in the film are telling the importance of being protected by the vaccine.,

Managing director and vice-chairman of Mankind Pharma Rajeev Juneja said, “As the leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, we always think for the betterment and safety of our nation. With this campaign, we want to educate every citizen with regard to the importance of vaccination. We all need to take the responsibility for ourselves and our loved ones, the baton is a symbol to communicate that while we ensure our safety, at the same time we are responsible for our loved ones. Vaccinations are the only mode of protection from the deadly virus and we all need to be active and make sure to get as many people as possible vaccinated.”

The film will run across digital and social media platforms.

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