Meal of Joy # The Burger Company initiative: Your joy matters!


The World Health Organization has declared the covid-19 as a pandemic in February and the deadly virus continues its frantic dance. The country has recorded around 2 lakh deaths till now. Most of the people lost their near ones amidst the covid-19 crisis. On the other side, have you ever noticed that the deadly virus creating some positive impact on society? On a positive note, we can say that the covid-19 created an inclusive mind in the society. The pandemic made us realize that we have to give back to society. Many of the businesses have become social-oriented and are coming up with initiatives to help the sufferers or marginalized people in society.

It is said that every five minutes a child passes on a platform in India. There are more than 11 million street children in our country. These children do not know where to head or what to do. Their only dream is to have at least a one-time food. The Burger Company of India has launched an initiative called ‘Meal of Joy’ to feed the homeless children in the street. The company distributed more than 5,000 meals within the first week. The company wants the benefits of the program to get a maximum reach and target to feed at least 1500 children per day.

According to Neelam Singh (Founder of ‘The Burger Company India’), everyone is affected by the pandemic crisis. Many of us can take care of our own or have families to support, but some children are homeless and dependent on us to get food every day. While we are restricted to the home, some homeless children are forced to survive without food. The Burger Company in India launched an initiative to feed homeless children freely. The company has more than 20 outlets and the program intends to feed at least 50 children within a 5 km radius of every outlet so that they can feed 800 to 1000 children every day. The entire program is wholly financed by the company on its own.

The company has set up a team to explore homeless children. The company is not visiting any orphanages as this initiative is only for street children. The team also checks the details shared by the public on Whatsapp or direct messages received on social media sites. The company is providing wheat sandwiches, burgers, and milkshakes.

The initiative has started operations in Meerut, Chandigarh, Roorkee, Dehradun, Delhi, Udaipur, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida, and Ghaziabad. The company insisted the public message them or tag details of homeless children on social media. The information received in real-time helps the team to reach out to maximum children and feed them a ‘Meal of Joy’ for free.

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