Mojo Box- the business undertakes to change sampling in India


Atul Nath, the co-founder of Mojo box, is a collection of items organized in a box with freebies/samples from the favorite brands. Consumer’s expertise within the comfort of their homes, by sharing feedback and in return love towards the brand exclusive offers.

They are different editions of Mojo boxes- wellness, women, Men, family, personal care, etc. The consumers will pay a nominal amount of Mojo Box- which makes sure that the recipient has been involved in the program and have interest and desire.

The pandemic has forced a lot of businesses to shut down, and many people created opportunities for new businesses. One of the business came out during the pandemic was Mojo Box.

Mojo box is a brand engagement and sampling platform. It directly addresses the consumers at their homes. It was started in July 2020, it attempted to reinvent the means of consumer discovery.

Overall it delivered 1.5 lakh boxes across 20 plus cities in India. Based on the customer’s interests they can create profiles and options to buy specific products. So, it gives the idea about the products that customers are interested in sampling.

Nath, the founder, plan the idea for the company as early as 2014, but during that time the e-commerce sector in the country was not developed well as it of today.

By last year during due to COVID hit, there is an increased dependence on e-commerce platforms. There is a lot of development in the e-commerce and home delivery ecosystem compared to the past.

Some of the brands that have been sampled on the platforms include Bombay Shaving Company, ITC Foods Cadbury, Nourish organics, and others.

The key elements of the box while organizing are mainly targeting the specific consumer profiles, social media amplification, physical products discovery, and experience, along with online engagement and product feedback. More than 27000 people are engaged with the Mojo Instagram community.

On the mojo platform, consumers can register themselves about their interests, creating a profile with social and demographic details about them. The platform has more than 1.4 lakh users.

Every brand has its target audiences depending upon who the brand wants to target, depending on the content of the boxes. Communicating with the audiences via emails and SMS. Mojo works with micro-influencers who will post content on the social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The company planning an app in the future to build on insight.

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