Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund launches new TVC “Skin in the Game”


We all know what is a mutual fund. It is an investment scheme wherein a group of people invests their money in financial securities like stocks, bonds, etc. Asset management companies (AMC) acts as an interface between common people and the stock market. AMC helps to invest in mutual funds. Investing in mutual funds is subject to market risk. But then, it is a kind of financial security for the future. Comparatively, the mutual fund yields higher interest than banking sectors. Because in mutual funds the value of shares changes whenever there is a fluctuation in the stock market.

Motilal Oswal Mutual Funds has launched a new Television campaign called “Skin in the Game”. The campaign aims to highlight the sentence “Action speaks louder than words”.

The company sees that proposition would help them to exhibit the belief that the brand has in its product and a reason why should investors trust the brand.

This campaign concept was influenced by signs across food outlets in India. To gain confidence and trust among customers many restaurants have set up a sign that says the owner of that particular restaurant also eats there. This act exhibits a belief that the restaurant oner has in the quality of food being served.

The campaign has a robust reason why one needs to trust the Motilal Oswal brand. Their trust in their equity can be measured from the verity that they consume their food said Ramnik Chhabra, executive director, and head.

The concept of the campaign is conceptualized by Mullen Lintas.

To demonstrate the trust that the company has in its product that they sell, they invest in the equity fund that is promoted. The advertisement shows that one should not believe the owner who doesn’t eat the food that he serves and to believe the one who eats the food that he serves. Therefore, the advertisement shows directly that the people of the Motilal Oswal company invest in their equity funds, says Garima Khandelwal executive creative Director. He also said that the idea for the advertisement was framed before the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is executed post-COVID-19, which created the execution of advertisement a memorable journey.


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